The Bridal Party

An image of bride with her bridesmaids holding flowers

The Bridal Party

flower girls in white standing with a basket full of flowers

This person serves as the bride’s key attendant. She attends all pre-wedding facilities and helps the bride with as many details as possible. This includes helping select attendant’s dresses and assisting in addressing the invitations. She holds the groom’s ring until the appropriate time, then exchanges it for the bride’s bouquet. She also folds back the bride’s veil at the altar. It is her duty to sign the wedding certificate as a legal witness.

The main function of the bridesmaids is to add color and beauty to the wedding. They lead the bride to the altar. The number of bridesmaids used is a personal choice.

The functions of the best man are varied and significant. He is responsible for coordinating all of the arrangements for the male members of the wedding party. Included are the details of the bachelor dinner, the marriage license being placed in the groom’s pocket and the wedding ring in his own. He also serves as a witness to the signing of the wedding certificate. He is responsible for giving the fees to the clergyman.

It is the responsibility of the ushers to seat each female guest in a pew. Bride’s family members and friends sit on the left side of the main aisle; groom’s on the right. The head usher seats the mother of the groom. He also escorts the mother of the bride to her pew. If her son is an usher, he may escort his mother if she prefers. At very formal weddings a white runner, which is furnished by the florist, is laid down the center aisle by two ushers after the mother of the bride is seated.

A flower girl harmonizes with the bridal party. She can carry flower petals to scatter along the aisle as she walks in or can carry a scaled down version of the bridesmaids bouquet. Her dress can be a duplicate version or the bridesmaids or brides dress or more of an age appropriate dress in keeping with the colors and style of the wedding party. A junior bridesmaid has the same duties and privileges as the other bridesmaids. Her gown is modified to suit her age. She walks first in the wedding procession unless, as the bride’s sister, she is the maid of honor. The ring bearer wears his best dress-up suit navy or blue, or white linen in the summer. He may also wear a miniature tuxedo. If the wedding procession includes both a ring bearer and a flower girl, they precede the bride and her escort.