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Getting Ready For Your Wedding Day

The most special of all days Is before you. In all the preparations for the wedding, the "Personal You" Is Important too.

You can begin six months ahead, one week, or at the last minute. The further ahead it is the easier it will be to schedule your appointments at the times you need them.

The big three areas of yourself to plan for are your HAIR, MAKEUP and NAILS. You might also want to give a lot of thought to including facials and soothing massages prior to the big event.

It is recommended that you call and schedule your "Consultation Appointments" with a good Hair Designer, a Makeup Artist and a Nail Artist, preferably at the same place. If you do not know whom to use, get referrals form friends or call around and ask questions.

Give a lot of thought to how you want to look. It is very important that the professionals you use know what your vision of yourself for that day is. How do you want the mothers and attendants to look? Work part of this out ahead of time and let your professionals help with the rest. Think not only about the wedding but also the pre-wedding events such as showers, teas and rehearsal dinners. Ask for help in teaching you how to reproduce the looks that are given you, especially for the honeymoon.

You have spent a lot of time and money on all the other details for your wedding, don't forget to take time to take care of yourself. Book yourself a day of relaxing the week of the wedding.


Every bride wants to have lasting memories of the day she walks down the aisle and begins her new life. One of the most precious investments for this day will be the wedding gown. Proper care must be given to the gown so that it will remain a precious reminder of that important day.

Before storing the gown, have it cleaned. There may be stains that are not visible at first glance, but which will turn yellow later.

Choose a cool, dark, dry place to store the dress. Most cleaners will pack the gown in a special box which guards from dust. Line the dress with tissue to prevent wrinkling and wrap it with unbleached muslin. If hung, make sure straps are sewn to the waistline to relieve pressure on the shoulders from the weight of the skirt. The dress should be brought to the cleaners within 2 days for best results in preservation of this precious memory.