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Bridal consultants provide a stress free way of coordinating the perfect wedding plans... from the engagement to the wedding day. The service provided allows the bride and groom to enjoy the details of their wedding plans rather than agonize over them. Brides of the nineties lead a hectic life of their own and often find that their mothers also do not have the time to devote to planning this special day in a woman's life.

A professional wedding consultant plans and orchestrates the details surrounding parties and events leading up to and including the wedding day. Careful planning and the ability to pay attention to a million details are the qualities a consultant specializes in. A professional wedding consultant can actually provide a "One Stop Bridal Shop" to accommodate the needs of a bride.

With the assistance of a wedding consultant, delightful hours can be spent selecting reliable wedding merchants, bridal attire, a reception site, stationary, photographers, florists and any number of other professionals that can work in harmony to create the perfect wedding day. A bride's budget will be discussed with suggestions and recommendations made to provide the best service for the amount of money available. Discounts are often available to wedding consultants that will be passed along to the bride. Anyone can be talented with unlimited funds, but the expertise of a bridal consultant can help cut wedding costs and provide the bride with the wedding of her dreams.

For a newly engaged couple, careful planning and organization are very important. A professional bridal consultant can coordinate the services needed to create a day that is uniquely yours... A moment in time filled with treasured memories, which will be long remembered.

YOUR Style of Wedding

"Togetherness" is a beautiful thing, especially when you and your fiancé jointly plan your ceremony and reception. Basic factors to consider are your lifestyles, dreams, family circumstances and your budget.

In general, "style" is determined by location of the ceremony, the reception, degree of formality and your preference as to time of day. The number of guests you invite will be a major consideration in your choice of locations. Although home and outdoor weddings now enjoy a degree of popularity, 87 percent of today's couples choose the church or synagogue for the ceremony, adhering to traditional standards, but often with modified variations reflecting their personal taste. For example, you may choose to combine a traditional religious ceremony with an outdoor reception, or write your own ceremony within a very formal wedding style. In case of interdenominational marriages, you can be married in two separate ceremonies or use two clergymen during a single ceremony.

The degree of formality is not nearly the controversial issue it once was. Traditionally, weddings are thought of as being ultra formal, formal, semi-formal or informal. However, the rules of the past are only used as general guidelines today. This is because fashion trends have become much more versatile, and personal preferences are given much more emphasis than standards of the past. To a large degree, the bride's choice of attire will determine the degree of formality. Her decision of gown and attire and personal preferences determines the styles of the bridesmaids, groom, mothers and the wedding guests. The hour, season and local customs are factors which should be given consideration.

The time of day is strictly a matter of personal preference, as ultra formal to informal ceremonies are now being held at all hours.