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How to Properly Address Invitations

Children under sixteen may be included by writing their first names in a line below their parents' names on the inner envelope. Older children in the family should receive a separate invitation.

The inner envelope is inserted in the outer envelope upper side up so that the writing faces the back of the outer envelope. Place invitation in the inner ungummed envelope. Folded invitations are inserted with the folded edge down. Always send invitations and announcements sealed, with stamps (no meters), first class mail. Invitations should be sent four to six weeks prior to the wedding. Wedding announcements are addressed in the same way as invitations but are mailed the day of the wedding.



Use your file cards and carefully address the envelopes, marking each card with a check as you complete it. Address both the Inner and outer envelopes in the same hand.

Always write "and" Symbols are not permissible, except when used as a title. (Ex. Dr.. Rev.)

"John" not "J". No Initials are permissible, if you do not know what the initials stand for omit them. Never write "and Family". Inside envelope should have "and Guest" (or name).

Write out "Forty-first". Use no figures except for the house numbers and the zip code.

Write out "East", "West", "North", "South". Write out "Street", "Boulevard", "Road" and so on.

Spell out the State-Alabama-again, no abbreviations.

All invitations must be handwritten, preferably in permanent black ink.

Never typewrite an address on a formal invitation.

1. A single-fold invitation inserted into an envelope with flap left open.
2. Inserting a single fold invitation with an enclosure card.
3. Enclosing a reply card and envelope 4. Placing an envelope into an outer envelope.